Thursday, December 11, 2008

where is christmas this year?

Well when we fall down it's nice to know we have friends and family to help pick you up. Chad's mom died almost 3 weeks ago. After being out of work for a week for surgery that has set us back in our bills big time. Well that doesn't leave much room for christmas. Aaron isn't getting a single new thing from us. Its all second hand stuff. I know he won't know the difference but I do. I am not right now what I am going to get anyone else. It is killing me to get closer and closer to christmas knowing I don't have any gifts for anyone. I haven't been able to go to any christmas parties because they have been catered and cost money. I hate being depressed this time of year. At least things should start looking up at work. I have 2 people shadowing me on different days next week. I am praying they both work out but atleast one of them. I am really getting run down at work too. Ok done venting for now thanks for listening.