Thursday, November 27, 2008

Whats been going on......

Well I survived one more day...... I know everyone grieves differently but my husband isnt greiving at all.... today was his birthday and he opened a card from his mom and dad... she had actually signed it... just a few days before she died..... he just put it to the side and commented that she actually signed it..... of couse it was right at bed time and he then got out of bed and said he couldnt sleep..... goes to the living room and turns on a funny movie and is laughing.... on the other hand I have been a mess all day...... I hate my job... had a really bad day yesterday at work...... My husbands mom just died 5 days ago and I have been sick with a migraine all day.... I just wanted to make today as specail as I could for chad... well the hat I got him from ebay was the wrong size.. he took the other things I got him and just kind of put them aside...... Years ago we desided to do thanksgiving with my family and christmas eve with his.... well because it was his birthday he wanted to go see his family....... so we went to my aunts house for dinner and stayed an hour and drove an hour to have store bought pie for his birthday at his sisters... I am sorry if I am a bit cold but for years after my family finishes with dinner we all sit around the kitchen table and look at the sales papers and kinda plan out our plans for black friday........ I am not even looking forward to going shopping tomorrow.... I have very little money and I will have to take aaron out in that mob of people..... I am not sure if my nerves can take it.... I am driving myself so if I need too I can come home. what happened to the magic of the holidays???

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What a week..... in need of prayers

Sunday... went to church by myself aaron had a rough night and was up at 4 am...... I was not in the mood to try to keep him still at nap time in church... came home aaron was napping!!! yeah...... DH, aaron and myself went to visit my inlaws.... When we get there my MIL has gotten really sick over the last week..... She has really bad heart failure and is now entering her last few weeks if not days.. she was looking a little better the week before.....

Monday.... I spend all morning getting the paper work straight to get my MIL a lift chair, potty chair and a walker..... then after lunch spent all afternoon getting hospice set up for her..... she has made her wishes not to go to any hospital or anything invasive done very known and I wanted to make sure her wishes were done...... not a fun day.... very stressfull!!!! came home finished packing aaron up and took him to my cousins to spend the next 2 nights....

Tuesday... 9 am had a job interview..... pray I get the job!!! its 5 mins from my house and a internal medicine dr with BENIFITS!!!!! 10 am check in to the hospital to have my gallbladder removed..... waited in a metal chair for 1 hr and 45 min for a bed.... 2:10 finally on the way to the OR. in the OR for 2 hrs finally get to my room at 5. spend the night in the hospital..... btw morphine sucks..... it would ease the pain off for only about 30 min at a time.

Wed..... come home at 11:00 am... spend the day asleep in bed or on the couch..

Thursday 4 am get a phone call from the hospice nurse..... we need to get there ASAP MIL is not doing well at all...... bang on the neighbors window cause they wont answer the phone..... leave aaron sleeping with neighbor asleep on our couch and head to MIL house. MIL is very sick but pulled through the day and was resting when we had to leave to get aaron from daycare at 5.

Friday...... MIL had a good night and slept all night thanks to oral morphine...... get a call at 9:20 DH is on the way to Urgent Care a peice of a rear end that he was helping someone work on flew off and hit him in the head...... he got 5 stitches.... 10:30 I go for a followup with my surgeon, he said everything looks great but take it easy......still no driving.. I am not able to return to work until tuesday possibly longer...... my boss gave me alot of lip about it even asked me if I asked for an extra day off........ WTF!!!!! I asked the dr if I could return to work on monday and he said no way..... Since the surgeon shares the office with the Dr I work for he knows I run my butt off every day at work and will not release me until he thinks I am ready.... I am glad he is standing up for me anyway......

Sat and Sunday pretty much the same... sleep as much as I can then after aarons nap we pack up and go to my MIL's house..... I am exausted.... mentally and physically drained.
Needless to say I am ready for a different week........ I know things could be worse but I am hoping for a little better next week...... we still have my MIL dying so its not going to be great but her not suffering any longer will be a good day........ Please keep my family in your prayers

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

home and doing good...... just sore

First of all I want to thank you all for the thoughts and prayers. i am home sweet home and in search of the horse that kicked me in the stomach. The surgery took two hours, because my liver was so inflammed because i am stubbon and didnt get it checked out until i started having attacks. When they removed my gallbladder there was a little bleeding on my liver.... no biggie just took a little longer and a little sorer than normal, i dont remembering hurting this bad after my c section but thien again they didnt give me the greatest gift in the whole world after this surgery either..... any way i have some percocet to take so i am staying pretty

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Whats going on?

Well aaron had a wonderful halloween. He went for his 2 month check up today after his surgery and got two thumbs up. We dont have to go back until January. I have been running a fever and just feeling crappy for about 3 weeks now and I started having gallbladder attacks sunday night, so I am having my gallbladder out monday or tuesday...... I am so ready right now. I will find out for sure tomorrow which day. My boss lady has not been nice about it all. I cant help it that my son had surgery 2 months ago and now I need my gall bladder out..... we have 2 nurses and the other nurse turned in her 2 week notice last friday so she only has one more week. My boss lady made a comment that maybe she needed to find two nurses!!! I took it as threating.... and I did not appreciate it...